Parent Involvement in the Schools

Parent involvement in the schools is very high in the District. Open Houses, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and school performances are always well-attended. The Parents’ Clubs boast 90 to 95 percent membership participation rates. Parents volunteer to work in the classrooms, computer labs, libraries, and the food service programs. Parents often serve on one or more support group boards or district committees providing organizational support, or a community perspective to the schools.

Parents can help the schools in a great variety of ways. The Parents’ Clubs manage and coordinate the volunteer effort at each school. The best time to sign-up to be a volunteer is in the spring when the Parent Clubs recruit volunteers for the many board positions or at the beginning of the school year during registration. If you miss the opportunity to sign-up at these times, contact the Parents’ Club President of the particular school.

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In addition to Parents’ Clubs at individual schools, six organizations ensure that a breadth of classroom and community opportunities and perspectives are provided to Piedmont students:

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And three organizations provide district-wide financial support:

All of these groups raise funds to help support the schools and programs in the district.

More Information About Parent Organizations

Boosters’ Club (PHS Athletics)

The Piedmont Boosters support the high school athletic program with dollars and parent volunteers. Boosters’ donations are the backbone of all the athletic programs at the PHS. The District pays for coach’s salaries. Boosters’ donations fund the officials, equipment, uniforms, busses, athletic trainer, and awards for the athletes. Contributions support the club’s goal of continuing to build strong athletic programs for all Piedmont athletes.

Membership benefits include the following: Free admission to all PHS home games and meets for the entire family; Kickoff Reception; Homecoming Barbeque; End-of-Year Reception; and reserve seating for football and basketball games.

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CHIME (Performing Arts)

CHIME is an acronym for Citizens Highly Interested in Music Education. Members of CHIME are parents and friends of students who support music and the performing arts in all our schools. How does CHIME support the schools? The following are some of the items they have funded in the past or are currently funding:

  • Elementary Activities: Rhythm instrument purchases for K-3, 4th & 5th Grade orchestra & band instrument purchases & repairs, K-5 Music Teacher stipends.
  • Middle School Activities: Instrument purchase & repair, scholarships, instrumental workshop grants, vocal & instrumental sheet music purchase, drama production support, organizing receptions & cast parties, jazz band stipends, music & vocal teacher stipends, competition entry fees, and a strings coach.
  • High School Activities: Senior awards, vocal accompanist fees, costume purchases, dance program stipends, music dept fixtures & furnishings purchase, large instrument and supply purchases, jazz band grant, vocal & instrumental competition fees, tour stipends, organizing cast parties & receptions, and a vocal clinician.
  • All School Activities: Hosting the annual Music Faculty Concert.

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PAINTS (Visual Arts)

PAINTS (Promote Arts in the Schools), is an organization of parents and community members whose purpose is to promote visual arts in the Piedmont Schools. PAINTS believes art is valuable in itself and compliments learning and development in every area. As a service and support organization, PAINTS is committed to ensuring quality visual arts instruction for all Piedmont students. Through membership dues of $15 or more per year, PAINTS enhances the arts curriculum in all six schools through a fall and winter grant program to any teacher seeking funding to enhance the art curriculum in their classroom. Each year, PAINTS sponsors art shows in the schools as well as at the California Federal Bank. The PAINTS Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month.

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PASS (PMS Athletics)

PASS The mission of the P.A.S.S. Board is to supplement and support the Recreation Department in the administration and implementation of high quality, competitive athletic programs for all Piedmont Middle School students. These programs emphasize friendship, skill development, commitment, teamwork, sportsmanship, and promote student self-esteem.

It is common for as much as two-thirds of middle school students to participate in programs offered by the Recreation Department. Volunteers are needed to help with driving to and from athletic events, coaching, serving as team parents, and assisting at tournaments. Financial support is needed to help fund equipment purchases, facilities upgrades, scholarships, and gym supervision during basketball season.

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PRAISE (Special Education)

PRAISE, Parents for Resources, Advocacy, and Information in Special Education, is a group of parents who meet monthly to learn about special education resources, advocacy for services, and to provide support to one another as parents of children who have special needs.

The mission of PRAISE is to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of learning differences among students, staff, and community. PRAISE meets on the first Wednesday of each month at XXXXXXXXXXX. Children served by PRAISE range in age from preschool through high school and receive an array of special education services including speech, reading resource, occupational therapy, and a Special Day Class. Please call the Bulletin Board with any questions you might have.

PRAISE Bulletin Board (510) 594-2875

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Piedmont GPS (Gifted/GATE Parent Support)

Piedmont GPS (Gifted/GATE Parent Support) is a volunteer non-profit advocacy group for parents of gifted students in Piedmont. The mission of Piedmont GPS is to support and educate parents, teachers, school administration, and our community in ways to meet the needs of the gifted and twice-exceptional students in the Piedmont Unified School District. Piedmont GPS meetings are open to all interested parties. Receiving a GATE letter from the district is not required for membership. We are an affiliate of the California Association of the Gifted (CAG).  For more information, please go to

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Dress Best for Less

Dress Best for Less (DBFL), was established in 1982 by community member, Wendy Webster, and an innovative group of Piedmonters who developed the idea of opening and operating an upscale resale store to benefit the local schools. Since its inception, DBFL has allocated a significant portion of its sales proceeds to the Piedmont Educational Foundation to support the local schools. Today, DBFL donates approximately $40,000 annually to the Piedmont Educational Foundation to support the grant program that benefits all six Piedmont schools. The retail shop is located at 3861 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland and sells the following types of items in GOOD condition: clothing, children’s books, kitchenware, sports equipment, and small furniture pieces donated by the community.

Store hours:
Monday-Saturday 10 AM ­ 5 PM
Donations can be dropped off at the store or marking room at 799 Magnolia Ave (Carriage House)

Marking Room hours:
Tuesday 9:00 am ­ – 1:30 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am ­ – 4:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am ­ – 12:00 noon

Store: 658-8525
Marking Room: 653-0221

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