MHS Student Learning Outcomes

At Millennium High School, by the time students graduate they will be:

Self Directed Learners Who:

  • Demonstrate academic skills that meet state requirements
  • Are prepared for success in academic settings beyond high school
  • Recognize and use their unique ways of learning, as well as develop a range of learning skills and strategies
  • Identify, advocate for and pursue their personal interests and abilities

Critical and Creative Thinkers Who:

  • Demonstrate the ability to access, analyze, apply, generalize, synthesize, express and evaluate information from varied sources
  • Experience, investigate and evaluate different perspectives from which they can then develop their own opinions
  • Are motivated to initiate their own in depth exploration of a variety of issues and interests
  • Access their imaginations to envision solutions and express ideas

Effective Communicators Who:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of written and oral language
  • Can use technological tools for problem solving and communication
  • Are present and connected with others, listening with empathy and open minds

Responsible Citizens Who:

  • Seek active membership within their communities
  • Are respectful, open and ethical in communications and decision making
  • Become economically self sufficient
  • Are self aware about and responsible for how their actions impact themselves, others and the global environment
  • Make a contribution to the community at large

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