MHS offers counseling and support services for academic achievement; college, career, and post-high school transition; healthy lifestyles and relationships; and community building. You can reach the MHS counseling office directly by calling 510-594-2882.

Academic Achievement

Students and parents are advised regularly of credits earned, progress towards graduation, and recommendations for course selection. The entire MHS staff works together with students and their families to address academic problems when they occur. Academic assessment testing is conducted as necessary. Students who have had negative experiences at other schools are supported to establish realistic, reachable goals. A variety of support services are available in the afternoons, including math tutorials, math counseling, and academic counseling groups.

College, Career, and Post-High School Transition

MHS counselor Stefanie Manalo-LeClair offers guidance on college selection, the application process, preparations for college entrance exams, career options, and independent living. MHS families also can access the services and events of the College and Career Center at Piedmont High School. Information on internships, community service, and employment opportunities is distributed routinely as it becomes available. The Life Skills course is required for graduation, and includes career guidance, resume writing, and preparation for job interviews.

Visit the College and Career Center.

Healthy Lifestyles and Relationships

A variety of services are offered to build self-esteem and trust, develop communication skills, enhance personal relationships, encourage students to make healthy lifestyle choices, and address emotional and family issues that can interfere with academic success. Many of these issues are addressed in the Social Psychology course, which is required for graduation. The “Insights” support group run by counselors Pam Brandau and Ralph Cantor assists students who want to make a positive change of any kind in their lives. The counselors will be making educational presentations on conflict resolution, substance abuse prevention, and smoking cessation to students and parents throughout the year.

Community Building

Our top priority this year is the full participation of all constituencies in creating a school culture based on our four guiding principles: Respect, Communication, Empowerment, and Community. Many courses directly address issues of diversity and team building. All students are required to attend regular community meetings facilitated by student representatives and staff members to discuss school-wide issues. Students also must attend at least one team building trip per year, such as a ropes course or kayaking trip. Each semester culminates in an open community event, the MHS Student Showcase, which highlights outstanding student projects.

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