World Language Instruction Evolving Towards a Proficiency-Oriented Model

by Christelle Hutin-Lee and Cheryl Wozniak

Over the past year, the World Language department has been participating in professional development programs that have enhanced their instructional strategies and directly benefited their students.  For example, the Berkeley World Language Project provided comprehensive teacher training during our three staff development days.  In addition, some teachers attended the annual ACTFL convention this year.  

Through these programs and workshops, World Language teachers are learning about new methods of instruction used by teachers nationwide and seeing World Language instruction in a new and exciting way.  They are shifting their teaching and grading practices by including more authentic resources, project based learning, and proficiency based writing and speaking tasks, and reducing the number of traditional fill-in-the-blank quizzes. Student work is shifting from specific vocabulary and grammar lists to whole language production. Consistent with new Common Core principles, students must demonstrate their proficiency and mastery of the target language through performance tasks.  Teachers have felt that these professional education programs have been “career changing.”  More to the point, these programs directly benefit their students.  To read more about language proficiency through performance, click here.

Piedmont Unified School District would like to take this opportunity to thank the parent clubs, parent support groups, and the Piedmont Education Foundation for their generous support for continuous improvement of our programs!

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