Common Core Math: Secondary Math Textbook Adoption

Since 2013, Piedmont Unified has been working toward the full implementation of teaching the Common Core Math Standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice.  Currently our students in kindergarten through 9th grade are enrolled in Common Core-aligned math classes. The eight Standards for Mathematical Practice promote a deeper understanding of mathematics and require students to solve problems in multiple ways and to explain their reasoning.  The Common Core standards hold students to a higher standard of math learning at every grade level and will provide a strong foundation for students to be successful in learning the sciences and to take advanced math courses in high school and college.

With new standards comes the need for new instructional materials.  In partnership with Cheryl Wozniak, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, the middle and high school math teachers reviewed instructional materials from a variety of publishers and unanimously chose to pilot the texts published by College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM).  The middle and high school teachers selected CPM in part because of its emphasis on the mathematical practice standards and its versatility for differentiated instruction.

The CPM pilot started in August of this school year and the teacher feedback has been consistently positive.  Surveys of students and parents regarding the CPM materials, conducted in December and January of this year, surfaced many positives and three areas for growth: group work, communication with parents, and differentiation for advanced math learners.  Teachers are addressing each area.  The math teachers have recommended that the District adopt the CPM materials as the primary source for middle and high school Common Core math.

CPM materials are on display for public review in the main hall of the District Office, and questions about comments about these materials may be addressed to Cheryl Wozniak at  The Board of Education will make a final decision about whether to adopt the CPM materials on April 27.

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