Common Core Math: New Online Math Resources Offer Differentiation Tools for PMS Students

by Lucas Denman

Recently, the Piedmont Middle School math department has begun to develop a new website for students.  The website,, will offer a variety of extension activities and problems for students to browse through and explore.

These activities will focus on real-world applications of mathematics, modeling, problem-solving, and reasoning.  Students will learn more about the connections of mathematics to their daily lives, such as how scale factors are used on their smartphone and how they can explore and analyze data on our changing environment.

For example, sixth grade students who want more challenge can access problems of the week/month.  These are math challenges designed to offer opportunities for students to explore the material in more depth and complexity.  Students who attempt these problems will meet with our differentiation specialist to review and discuss their work.  There is also a blog page, “Math Everyday,” where students can share the places they see math in their own lives.  We are looking forward to learning what they have to share!

If you have questions about how to navigate through the website, please use the contact page.  Although the website is up and running, there is more work to be done.  The math department will continue to develop and add content over the next coming months, so your feedback is much appreciated!   

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