Connected Learning Initiative – Community Engagement

student with chromebookPart of building a successful learning program, digital or analog, is building partnerships within the entire school community (especially parents!).  As the Connected Learning Initiative expands to cover all students in grades 6th through 12th, communication will be vital to success in the classroom and at home.

The district uses several methods for communication and feedback.  A major method of dissemination is via email and Infinite Campus.  This school year, families have received the following communications via email:

In addition, information on the Connected Learning Initiative was provided on Online Registration, and a post about developing home digital rules was posted to our Spotlight website.

Based on feedback from last year, the district has built a website to house the latest information about the initiative.  A parent’s section has information and links on several topics, including:

Expect it to continue to grow and watch for links to it to appear on various district websites and even the district app!  In case you missed anything so far this year, check out the Connected Learning website.  Also consider attending one of our District Technology Advisory Committee meetings this year (9/28, 11/16, 2/29, 4/4) as we continue to focus on how to use technology effectively to support learning.  One of the major focuses this year will be to create a new Instructional Technology Plan defining our goals for the next three years.

  2 comments for “Connected Learning Initiative – Community Engagement

  1. Dan H
    September 25, 2015 at 4:40 am

    The Chromebook program could be even better — if the student could leave them charging overnight at school. For those who can access google docs, etc, on a home computer, they really aren’t needed at home. Combined w their cases, it’s a lot of extra weight to lug around, and that’s more wear and tear on the machines.

    • S. Griffin
      October 5, 2015 at 6:04 am

      Hi Dan,
      Thanks for the comment. This is something we have heard from some families and are looking into further. Surveys of students the last two years have indicated that 65-70% (depending on the grade level) share computers at home. Out planning was based on addressing that number- the majority of students who share. The chromebook would provide more access for them. And reports back from families and students have supported that conclusion.


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