Transforming an Outdoor Space at PHS into One for Learning and Connecting

rohmer_smallStudents and teachers at Piedmont High School are hard at work on an outdoor classroom and landscaping project. Located behind the science building, the “learnscape” garden is to be named in memory of beloved science teacher Eileen Rohmer, who died in 2012 from cancer.

During her tenure at PHS, Ms. Rohmer inspired her students through her passion for the sciences, chemistry in particular. She instilled in her students a lifetime love of learning. Her generosity, humor and enthusiasm for life came through in everything she did. Ms. Rohmer is remembered as a teacher who encouraged budding scientists and transformed reluctant ones into biology and chemistry enthusiasts. The science department has worked hard to find avenues to honor Ms. Rohmer’s contributions to PHS. Fellow chemistry teacher Tom Huffaker has spearheaded an effort to create the Rohmer Science award, which is awarded to the senior who best exhibits a curiosity and love of the sciences.

Eileen FINAL

The Eileen Rohmer mural (printed on vinyl) was created by PHS Student, Dominic Frost.

The initial seed money for the project came from a generous grant from the Piedmont Beautification Foundation, and from a PEF grant to integrate service learning into the curriculum.

PHS teachers Courtney Goen, Marna Chamberlain, and Jeff Peters, have worked tirelessly to design and implement the landscape park, and students have been involved in each stage of development. Once completed, students and staff will have a beautiful place to learn, relax and remember an exemplary educator.

During the May 13th Board of Education Meeting, the Board voted to name the new learnscape park, “The Eileen Memorial Garden”.

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