Connected Learning in Action – Debbie Hill

In this continuing series, teachers working with students in the Connected Learning 1:1 program share how they use the tools to impact student learning.

hillOne of the best things about having Chromebooks is the opportunity for me to get frequent, immediate assessments of all of my students. A 5 minute PearDeck (or Socrative) check-for-understanding at the beginning of class allows me to know which students need individual attention. It allows me to know who is behind in the reading. It gives me a place to start for discussions.

In terms of writing instruction, my ability to see student writing in-progress and give feedback at any time during the drafting stage is hugely beneficial! It’s a different model from how I’ve managed writing assignments for most of my career: student writes draft, teacher gives feedback, student revises, teacher evaluates. For many reasons this model is NOT effective or efficient. To be honest, I’m still experimenting and doing research and reading teacher blogs and etc…. to figure out how best to use the Chromebooks for writing instruction. I’m living (and teaching) in Beta!

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