“Keep Calm and Parent On”

Approximately one third of secondary students utilize the PUSD Wellness Center’s services. This fall the Wellness Center provided 1400 counseling visits between the three schools it serves (PMS, PHS and MHS).  When we share this number with others, more often than not people are shocked at the high number of usage. Should we be worried that so many of our students access counseling services? Absolutely not.  On the contrary, we should be pleased that students are seeking help to deal with their struggles in all aspects of their lives.  Our students live in a hyper-competitive environment, where stress, anxiety, and depression can escalate.

In the article, “Keep Calm and Parent On,” Dr. Adam Strassberg perfectly sums up 7 key points for parents/guardians to support their students. Please take the time to read the article as we are all invested in our students and families’ well-being.


For more information about PUSD Wellness Center, please visit http://www.piedmont.k12.ca.us/phs/campus-life/wellness-center.php .

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