Connected Learning in Action- Mercedes Foster

In this series, teachers working with students in the Connected Learning 1:1 program share how they use the tools to impact student learning.

High school English teacher Mercedes Foster declares the Chromebooks to be “an excellent tool for use in my classroom.”  She has her freshmen are using Membean, an online vocabulary site, to learn word sets that have beenMs. Foster specially selected to meet each student’s vocabulary development.  Foster has students participate interactively in lectures through specially designed “Pear Deck” presentations to increase engagement, and students are collaborating and submitting work through Google classroom.  No more lost papers!

Now that the Chromebooks are a part of our daily routine, Foster reports she is finding many more opportunities for one-on-one instruction during class time!  For example, while freshman work on the big I-Search project with Chromebooks, Foster can check in on each student’s progress in real time, catching problems and troubleshooting while they write.  “In the past, most students would only see my input as notes on a finished draft; these days, they can bring me into their documents at any point.   I can’t wait to have them available for my seniors next year.”



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