Connected Learning in Action – Rosie Reid

In this series, teachers working with students in the Connected Learning 1:1 program share how they use the tools to impact student learning.

PHS English teacher and English Language teacher Rosie Reid uses the Chromebooks in her classes to actively engage in the writing process. For example, during a recent class Reid had students identify a paragraph from a reidpolaroidpreviously written essay they thought might have been a little choppy. She did a mini-lesson on properly combining sentences to improve flow, had the students copy the paragraph and rewrite it using the strategies just taught. Students then submitted the old paragraph and the new and improved paragraph side-by-side, making the improvements so much more visible.  As a bonus, by using, Reid could grade and provide feedback totally paperless!

In the past, all in-class writing/editing work-time used computers in the library.  With so many other teachers needing time for their classes, that in-the-trenches work time was limited. Now students have the ability to work in-class without scheduling constraints.  And the chromebooks free up the librarian to work with students in the classroom when the library computers are booked for other uses, allowing “just-in-time” research skill lessons as students work on their projects.  Reid has her freshman students students use half of each period doing research, writing their papers, and working on their preparation for their iSearch interviews. Her objective is better teach the skills necessary just in time with in-class practice, decrease homework load without reducing the rigor of the class, and hopefully make the I-Search process more manageable for everyone.


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