Math, Math, and MORE Math!

Lots of work is happening in the area of math learning and instruction.  Here are a few of the highlights:

Math Resources for Elementary Parents – On November 19th, approximately 60 elementary parents attended an evening event where they learned about 5 different math models and how teachers are utilizing these models to teach deeper conceptual understanding than what was aimed for in the past.  The event was well-received and parents appreciated the materials that were shared after.  If you missed or did not receive that email, here is a link to these parent resources (some resources also good for middle school parents):  If you have questions or would like to discuss Common Core Math, please contact Cheryl Wozniak, Director of Curriculum.

Asilomar Math Conference – Never has there been more of a need for professional development on best practices for math teaching and learning than now!  To support teachers and administrators in this area, PUSD sent 14 staff members to Asilomar in Pacific Grove for the north regional math conference sponsored by the California Math Council.  Teachers and administered attended 4-5 sessions each and heard to renowned math experts, Dr. Jo Boaler and Dr. Phil Daro, speak on Common Core Math Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practice.  Both are major shifts in math instruction that are happening in today’s classrooms. Teachers are putting into practice what they learned at the conference and will be sharing with their colleagues in the upcoming weeks–either at our staff development day or at a common planning time.

Dan Meyer–High School Math Teacher and Math Presenter–Coming to Piedmont! – As part of our Education Speaker Series, on January 27th, from 3:30-5:00 in the PHS Student Center, Dan Meyer will be sharing with PUSD teachers how he approaches teaching the Common Core Math Standards.  Dan’s work is well-respected in the math teaching community.  You need only to check out his blog and any one of his resources and you’ll see the number of consumers that utilize them.  I visited his Three-Act Math Tasks at about 9:00 PM one evening and was one of 24 viewers.  Within minutes, 3 others joined us.  Dan was one of the presenters at Asilomar and led an evening event for the conference attendees–both well-attended and very informative.  We are fortunate that Dan will be coming to present to parents as well from 7:30-8:30 in the PHS Student Center.  We hope you will attend this event as it is sure to be an engaging and informative evening!

Elementary Math Adoption Committee Forming Now– Tri-school teacher representatives from kindergarten through fifth grade will be part of a committee who will be leading the discussions with their colleagues on new instructional materials to teach the Common Core Standards for Mathematics (CCSM).  Since the year began, teachers in K-2 have been teaching the CCSM using the newly aligned version of Everyday Math (EDM4).  Teachers in grades 3-5 have been teaching A Story of Units, also known as Engage NY.  These materials were provided for teachers to support their transition to teaching the CCSM.  We are now launching our next phase of the pilot process, by convening a committee who will conduct a thorough review of the instructional materials available using a nationally vetted instructional materials evaluation tool, EQuIP, that includes a specific set of criteria.  Stay tuned for more information as elementary parents will be updated throughout the process.  Community members will be given the opportunity to review the instructional materials and provide input later in the year.

Math Night for Parents of Students Grades 6-8 – Does your child come home saying any of these phrases… “I don’t like math!”  “Math is too easy!”  “Math is too hard!”  As a parent, it is hard to know how to interpret these remarks.  What does math class look like in middle school these days?  How are students learning the new Common Core Math Standards?  Come to this hands-on math workshop to learn more about middle school math and the new CCSM on January 13th from 7:00-8:30 in the Piedmont Middle School Multipurpose Room.






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