K-12 Science Teachers Travel to Long Beach

NSTATwenty-two teachers and administrators from PUSD traveled to Long Beach to attend the National Science Teachers Association regional conference on December 3-6.  In preparation for transitioning to teaching the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), science teachers attended over 100 sessions to strengthen their science knowledge base and improve their instructional practices.

The conference is timely as the 2014-15 school year is our “awareness year” for NGSS.  Twenty-six states and their broad-based teams worked together with a 41-member writing team and partners throughout the country to develop the new science standards.  The NGSS are composed of the three dimensions from the NRC Framework.  Visit the NGSS website to view videos and links and learn more about the Next Generation Science Standards.

Next steps for PUSD are to form a K-12 Science Leadership Team who will study the NGSS together and plan for the transition (2015-16) and implementation (2016-17) of the new science standards. Parent information nights will be held in the spring to update parents on our work in this area.

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