Connected Learning – Millennium High School

Millennium High School was the starting point for our Connected Learning pilot.  All MHS students unboxed Dell Chromebooks on the first day of school, participated in an orientation on expectations, and the staff even prepared a test for them.  Teachers and students then put the devices to use right away!

MHS students lead off Connected Learning pilot!

MHS students lead off Connected Learning pilot!

Students are engaged in class with collaborative warm-ups, interactive real time data analysis, and just-in-time feedback on homework.  The graphing calculator function has been absorbed into the device for use in math courses, art work is being published on online portfolios, and online audio components of foreign language texts can be used in class now.

Though this may be the start of the Connected Learning pilot in 2014-15, the work actually began last year, when MHS teachers ran two courses as 1-to-1 experiments. From that came insights into creating collaboration, classroom work-flows, transforming curriculum, and “learning moments” when things didn’t go as expected.  The 2013-14 mini-pilot gave us a “run-through” to prepare for the 6th, 9th, and 11th grade distributions, and the 4th and 5th grade in school 1-to-1.  Science teacher and technology coordinator at MHS used his experiences to lead trainings for others last spring, and again this fall.

With a few weeks under our belts, we are preparing for another wave of Connected Learners before the end of the month!


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