Everyone’s Favorite School Topic: Homework!

For years people have debated the topic of homework.  Some students love it; other students dread it.  Same with parents.  On one continuum are parents who ask teachers for additional homework while others talk about homework causing them and their children a lot of stress.  Even teachers debate homework.  For every person who strongly advocates for it, there is someone who would like to see a radical shift in school homework assignments.

As we all know, we are a critical juncture in educational history.  The adoption of the Common Core State Standards requires educators to rethink homework.  The elementary teaching staff has been engaged in a dialogue for the past 2 years about homework and how to provide meaningful practice with academics at home while honoring students’ need for more play time, down time, and family time.

For more information about the elementary homework discussion, click here to read the homework letter sent to the Tri-school parent community.

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