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Last updated: 2007, August 10

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Welcome To Havens!
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Parents Club: Bylaws
Parents Club: Monthly Meeting
Parents Club: Promote Communication
Parents Club: Fundraisers
Parents Club: Distribution of Funds
Parents Club: Parent Opportunities
Library - 5th Grade Assignment
Library - 4th Grade Assignment
Library - 3rd Grade Assignment
Library - 2nd Grade Assignment
Classes: Kindergarten
Class:1st Graders
Class: 2nd Graders
Class: 3rd Grade
Class: Fourth Grade
Math: Math
Enrichment: Art
Enrichment: Computer Lab
Enrichment: Math
Enrichment: Music
Enrichment: Physical Education
Enrichment: Science
Enrichment: Special
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Hot Lunch
Piedmont Map
School Map
Scrip Order
Scrip Case Study

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