Havens Elementary School

May 3rd: Art Show 8:00 and Music Concert 8:30

We are looking forward to our Art Show and Instrumental & Vocal Music Concert on Wednesday, May 3. The Art Show will be from 8:00-8:30am with artwork showcased in the hallways and library, and the Music Concert will begin immediately following in the auditorium. Fourth and Fifth grade instrumental and vocal music performances will conclude at approximately 9:30am. Following a very short break, our K-3rd grade students will be performing their vocal music selections. We ask that families who are unable to stay for the entire concert leave at a natural transition, and not while students are performing – thank you.

We hope you can attend on May 3 and enjoy the music performances and the artwork posted on bulletin boards throughout the school and ceramic pieces that will be on display in the library. There will also be an opportunity for viewers to leave comments on post-its about what you SEE, what you THINK, or what you WONDER when looking at a particular piece of art.