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Our spring Book Fair is right around the corner. Please come to our Books, Inc. sponsored fair on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, May 17-19. Family night is always on the Wednesday. Book Fair supports the purchasing of new materials for the library.

We have been able to add to our collection many fascinating and beautiful books, thanks to generous grants from PADC, PAINTS and CHIME. Thank you so much to these organizations for allowing us to specifically purchase these types of titles.

We were thrilled to have author Mitali Perkins visit our school, also thanks to a PADC grant. An exceptional speaker, we learned about how our life and culture are similar and different from those she experienced growing up - in her countries of Bangladesh and India. We have her books in the library. Exciting reads!

And do you know about TumbleBooks? Find these interactive electronic books, both fiction and nonfiction and for all ages, by using the link from the library's homepage (from the Havens website, select the Library tab).

Finally, in our library catalog, under the FollettShelf tab, you'll find more electronic books. To open the ebooks, use "havens" for both the login and password.

Happy reading!

The Library Team - Remer, Reed, Vistisen and Wagg

We aim to get great books into the hands of your students, both fiction and nonfiction; we have so many narrative nonfiction books which support the Common Core State Standards, and we are constantly adding new fiction books to meet the desires of your kids. Additionally, we collaborate with the classroom teachers in order to support their curriculum, and we teach our own California State Library Standards as well.

The Tumblebook Library is an online interactive library that is available to you and your children from our library's homepage. Get there from here by clicking on "Search the Catalog and TUMBLEBOOKS" link above and have fun! We have been adding more online resources for you, so please take some time getting to know our library's online catalog! You'll also find more sites to visit by scrolling down this page.

A note of caution: water bottles leak and ruin library books! Please help your student put his or her library books in a safe place in the backpack! We try our best to dry the books flat, but water damage is hard to fix, and we will often have to send home to you a bill for the book so we can purchase a replacement copy. Thanks for your cooperation on this!

We are an elementary school library committed to serving the literary and information needs of our school community.

All students have a weekly 30-minute library class. Our teacher-librarian encourages a love of reading, shows the children how to research, and also how to use the library.

The collection contains nearly 15,000 books and audiobooks, which are available to both students and parents. The best time for parents to come is before and after school. See hours below.

Library Hours: 9:00-12:45 Monday; 8:20 AM to 3:30 PM Tuesday,Thursday, and Friday; 8:20 AM-2:30 PM Wednesday.
Phone: 510.594.2683
Library Team: Ms. Remer, Ms. Reed,  Ms. Vistisen, Ms. Wagg

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