Technology supports business and instructional objectives in Piedmont.

Connected Learning Initiative

The Piedmont community has committed to the acquisition, development and support of effective educational technology to improve student learning by providing teachers and students real world contexts for learning, connections to larger learning communities, and opportunities to individualize and apply knowledge in collaborative and creative ways. With the adoption of the State of California’s Common Core Standards, the importance of technology for learning and assessment is brought more clearly into the skill set of the modern learner.

Piedmont’s Connected Learning Initiative is one response to preparing our students for college and career readiness in the 21st century.  Students in grades 4-12 will have one to one access to a mobile learning device.  In grades sixth and above, this device will be available to students at school and at home to:

  • Connect student to student and student to teacher with collaboration,
  • Connect to content on the internet with research
  • Connect learning at school and home with a mobile device

The use of the digital tools will also support our implementation of Common Core Standards and learning practices. To read more about the initiative and find answers to some frequently asked questions visit:

Connected Learning Website

Chromebook Info and FAQ’s


Responsible Use Policy

Responsible Use Policy/AUP (This is also available in student planners)

Chromebook Responsibilities


Technology Plan

Current Technology Plan: Instructional Technology Plan 2013-2016

“This was one of the best plans I have read in the past few years” Rick Alva, Program Manager of Instructional Technology, Alameda County Office of Education.

Current Acceptable Use Policy (included in online registration): Responsible Use Policy

Sunsetted technology plan: PUSD Technology Plan – July, 2010 through June 2013


Updating and reporting on the Instructional Technology Plan is facilitated at this site:



For 2013 infrastructure modernization RFP’s, please visit:


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