Academic Performance Reports

These reports provide grade level, school, and District-wide performance data that reflect the achievements and accomplishments of Piedmont students. Each year, the District, school sites, teachers, and the Board review a variety of data points in order to inform District goals, single plans for student achievement, and programming decisions. Below are reports that provide the broad educational community with a view of how our students are performing on measures of academic achievement. In addition, teachers and principals are reviewing curriculum based and grade level benchmark achievement assessments that inform instruction for individuals and groups of students.

Standardized Student Assessments Report

PUSD 2012-13 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC’s)


PUSD 2011-2012 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC’s)

PUSD 2010-2011 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC’s)

PUSD 2009-2010 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC’s)

PUSD 2008-2009 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC’s)

PUSD 2007-2008 School Accountability Report Cards (SARC’s)

California Academic Performance Index Reports

California Standardized Testing and Reporting

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