Michael Corritone, Principal

Looking ahead to the remainder of the school year, we will continue to focus our efforts on our PUSD and Beach Elementary goals. These include:

Goal #1: All students feel physically safe, emotionally cared for, and academically and socially included in their school environment.

Goal #2: All students graduate with the 21st century learning skills needed for college and careers.

Goal #3: All students engage in rigorous, relevant, and differentiated learning experiences where they make connections among disciplines.

Please see our district’s LCAP Executive Summary document which outlines goals and our three year action plan, and our 2017-18 TriSchool Single Plan For Student Achievement, which supports the LCAP and guides our program implementation for Beach School.

Our staff has spent considerable time this school year refining our instructional practices to ensure we are meeting the needs of every one of our students. Collaboratively, we have been working to identify the most essential learning outcomes for our students, how best to assess their learning, how best to respond to provide additional support when needed, and how best to meet the needs of students who may already know the essentials. This sounds easy on paper but, in fact, it takes a significant amount of collaboration and heavy lifting to look at our instruction through this lens. It also requires that we, as a staff of educators, are clear about our purpose…our “Why are we doing our work in this way?” Following many collaborative conversations, we created the following statement to guide our current and future work as educators at Beach.

“Beach School collectively ensures the learning and well-being of every student.”