We believe…

  • Warmth Opens Minds – Warmth is creating an environment where students, teachers and parents feel welcome, invited and included. People who are available for learning are people who are happy to be where they are. When students are comfortable, their minds are open to new opportunities and new ideas.

  • Support Students to Help Them to Find Their Strength – Children who receive a lot of support in a multiple dimensions will find a strength. Starting points and learning rates vary between students and within a single student. We see these differences and seek to support them “where they are” through carefully designed instruction. We want to develop intrinsic motivation where learning can be student-driven but teacher-directed.

  • Engaged Parents mean Engaged Students – We strive to keep parents informed of class curricula and school happenings through many media: weekly school and classroom newsletters, regular packages of student finished work for review, recommended activities to deepen learning at home, parent volunteer opportunities in the classroom and school. Parents who tend to their children’s education produce engaged learners.

  • School – Teacher – Parent Partnership – Parent conferences in the beginning of the year seek to align the school’s, teacher’s and parent’s interests in developing the student to be the best she can be.  Open communication about progress or concerns is a hallmark of cooperation and will take the form of emails, semi-annual conferences and ad hoc meetings.

  • Understand then Understood – Listen carefully.  Whether it’s between a teacher and a student, between students or even between teachers, we believe it’s critical to listen first before trying to be understood.

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills – Success is not simply students who remember, understand or even apply what they have learned.  Our goal is mastery where they can analyze, evaluate and create using their newly minted skills.

  • Patience. Patience. Patience.

  • Social/Emotional Curriculum – Be the One.  Based on One by Kathryn Otoshi, we encourage every child to be active in fostering a culture of tolerance, inclusion and support of each other.  By the end of each year, you will be able to peruse in the school hallway hundreds of moments teachers have “caught” students helping a peer.

  • Whole Child – While cognitive skill development are the bulk of a student’s work at Beach, the most memorable part of most Beach Student’s career can often be their participation in Beach Revue, the Winter Concert, PE on the black top, a sports team, or the science fair.